06 Nov

What’s new in Pencilplay-Beta Ver 0.10.2

A New release of Pencilplay

LOLĀ  – The title of this post is a rhyme. Awesome! We can roll with that.

Our releases are flying out
fast and hot , spicy – stout.

A major bug with the profile pic,
made our App kind of sick.
But that horrid bug is squashed now
and your profile pics are kind of – wow!

Another nasty bug – not at all fine,
put grey thumbnails in your time-line,
we caught it, pinned it and fixed it good
because bugs like these, are very rude.

What else? Oooh… this is kind of cool,
the artwork-tracker follows a simple rule
It needs 27 artwork, and on each upload
registers a child-development mode.
(Plus, there’s a handy progress bar now)


We’ve built in a little feedback form
(listening to users is sort of the norm)
we want you to click it and say your thing
(Or Email, Whatsapp or give us a ring.)

Finally, there’s a voting section,
to help us with our predilection
Every feature we have in mind,
in this section, you will find.
Remember when you cast your vote,
you help us avoid feature bloat.

Yaaaawn. That’s it for now! So go ahead.
Update the App, while we go to bed.
a new release is coming. Boy! I have to say,
it’s kinda cool -we’re launching on children’s day.

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03 Nov

Fun at the Play-Jam: Session 1

Drawing expands imagination and creative-thinking abilities.

Last Saturday, we conducted our first Play-Jam session, a hands on Arts session for children and parents. It was inspiring (and to us, hugely satisfying) to see parents take such an interest in developingĀ  the creative abilities of their children. The session was conducted at Atta Galata, a beautiful space for Arts & Culture related activities in Koramangala, a pretty part of Bangalore.

If you missed the session, here is a recap.

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26 Oct

10 Reasons to encourage your child to draw

Drawing as conversation improves social and communication abilities.

Drawing is a universal childhood activity, and for good reason – it is an excellent indicator of early learning in children. Children use drawings to express moods, visualise ideas, or explore conceptual themes – all of which are great ways for parents to understand the behaviour and motivations of children.

Here are 10 Reasons why you should encourage your child to draw.